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The not so busy life of small Norwegian cities

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Norway is a wide ranged country with a lot of great nature locations and people living in both wild nature and the cities. We have a great variation of coastal and mountain villages mixed with more urban living in the bigger cities. The three biggest cities in our region are Trondheim, Hamar and Lillehammer, all to be considered small and cosy with a great mix of modern and old historic architecture.

Bakklandet, Trondheim

PHOTO: Søderholm - Steen

Rockheim museum, Trondheim

PHOTO: www.rockheim.no

Midgard Film Commission Norway, Trondheim, Solsiden, Film

Wining and dining in Trondheim

PHOTO: Ole Martin Wold

The Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim

PHOTO: Jan Ove Iversen

Downtown, Lillehammer

PHOTO: Geir Olsen/GO media

Lillehammer by night

PHOTO: Anders Fongen/flickr.com

Ready for winter


PHOTO: Esben Haakenstad/Zoom Photo

Old bank building


PHOTO: Esben Haakenstad/Zoom Photo

Winter nights


PHOTO: John Christian Fjellestad/flickr.com

Atlungstad distillery


PHOTO: Jonas Tomter