Rondane, Midgard film commission Norway, filmlokation Norway,
Rondane, Midgard film commission Norway, filmlokation Norway,

Welcome to Midgard


Welcome to an adventurous, historical and service spirited part of the world!
From the rugged Atlantic Sea, with rocky wild coastlines and small villages, through breath-taking landscapes of fjords, forests and rivers, snow covered mountain ranges and deep valleys. Get easy access to diverse locations, stunning snow and lighting conditions, professional film crews, International airports and service minded, friendly people. Midgard Film Commission Norway can help you realize your film project in unique Nordic locations.


Midgard Film Commission Norway covers the central and inner parts of Norway, Scandinavia, with Trondheim and Hamar as its biggest cities.

The region has a diverse landscape with great infrastructure - Two Internationally connected airports, and easy access to the most remote places in the mountains, valleys or by the coastline.

Rooted in Norwegian traditions in the middle of Norway, this is a great place to shoot your film in close connection to wild nature, culture and Norway’s exciting history.

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Oslo Airport Gardermoen
Oslo Airport Gardermoen
Trondheim Airport Værnes
Trondheim airport Værnes
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