Washed up on the shore

The Norwegian coast

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Norway has a world leading stand as a fish producing country, and you will find small fishing communities and villages along the whole coastline of the country. Weather in all conditions is normal for the people living here, and the culture is characterized by historic and traditional architecture and living combined with small urban modern communities. Rocky small islands, deep fjords and green landscape is all to be found along the coastline.

Nordic Beach bar


PHOTO: CH/ trondelag.com

Midgard Film Commission Norway



PHOTO: Tom Gustavssen

Lake stories

Domkirkeodden, Hamar

PHOTO: Gry Westgårdsrønningen Johnsen



PHOTO: Marius Rua

Coastal village

Mausundvær, Frøya

PHOTO: Marius Rua

Free float

Hanshelleren, Flatanger

PHOTO: Søderholm - Steen

Natural formations

Hanshelleren, Flatanger

PHOTO: Søderholm - Steen

Fishy Island


PHOTO: Tom Gustavsen

Red umbrella


PHOTO: Ian Brodie/ Visit Lillehammer

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Ready for fishing


PHOTO: TimOve/flickr.com