A place to murder

Vast Forrest in the Great Inland

The Nordic noir genre is well known for its visual expression and dark touch. Here is a small selection of references from the inland and rural parts of Trøndelag, Norway. The region is packed with historic and great nature scenery, and you get easy access to quiet and vacated spots all over. Please get in touch for a more tailored set of pictures for your film project.

Sleeping with the fishes


PHOTO: Adobe Stock

Container | Location Norway | Midgard film

The wonders beyond

PHOTO: Thule Leikny Evenstad

Mountain mist, Midgard Film Commission Norway

Lost in the mountain mist

Leka island

PHOTO: Helmet Films & Visual Effects

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Cold Case


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Mining mystery


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Murder in the cold river


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Dug into the bog


PHOTO: Solveig Ræstad