A place both wonderful and strange

Intergalactic, Planetary!

A small selection and references from strange, beautiful and otherworldly locations in the rural parts of Trøndelag The light conditions are spectacular, with a great and magic mix of light and snow in the wintertime.

Oasen i Femundsmarka, krokete trær, location Norway, filmlokation, Midgard Film Commission Norway,

Mystic river


PHOTO: Bård Løken

Midgard Film Commission Norway, snow, aurora borealis, northern lights

Northern lights


PHOTO: Petr Pavlicek

Midgard Film Commission Norway

Old mine


PHOTO: Tove Martens

Engerdal, Hedmark, Midgard Film Commission Norway, Film Location, Films,

Nightly mystery


PHOTO: Bård Løken

Golden landscape

Leka Island

PHOTO: Øystein Moe