Norwegian Dream

Tags: City, Coast, Frøya, Hitra, Orkanger, Trondheim, Malvik
Year: 2023
Director: Leiv Igor Devold
Producer: Spætt Film/ Riva Film/ Solo Film

Robert (19), a Polish immigrant working at a fish factory in Norway, has come to earn money to pay off his mother’s debts. Robert realizes he has feelings for his colleague Ivar (19). For fear of losing his position within a group of Poles at the factory, he hides his feelings, especially when it turns out that Ivar is an aspiring drag queen. When a strike breaks out at the factory, and Ivar supports the Polish workers, Robert has to choose whether to take the money he really needs, or stand up for himself and for love.


Norwegian Dream is filmed on Frøya, Hitra, Orkanger and Trondheim.

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