Everybody Hates Johan

Tags: Coast, Titran, Frøya
Year: 2022
Director: Hallvar Witzø
Producer: Nordisk Film/ Film in Norway

Technician blaster Johan Grande is a loner living in the small town of Titran, on the windswept ridgeline of Trøndelag. A town which has never fully accepted the Grande family as its own. Johan shares his family farm with the wild horse Ella and a whole lot of dynamite. Johan loves Ella and massive explosions, but not much else. Except for Solvor, the girl next door. The love of his life. And the one he accidentally blew up a bit during his younger days. Everybody Hates Johan is a comedy about Johan Grande’s adventurous life, and his long-lasting battle to win over the love of his life.


Every single shot of this film is filmed at the small fishing village of Titran at the Island Frøya in Trøndelag.

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Co-producer, Sound dep, production managment, VFX



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